Feature Rich Webmail

Powerful Webmail

Powerful Webmail & email tools

Create personalised email addresses or create and delete mailboxes through your iControl panel. All accessible from anywhere in the world on any computer.


iPhone Control Panel

iPhone Control Panel

21st Century stuff

Need to manage your web hosting on the go? Out of the office, or just love to add new applications to your iPhone; this is the one you'll love! We have just launched the iPhone control panel so that you can manage all of your hosting features remotely and show off to your collegues and friends.


Features, Features, Features

Jam Packed Full of Features

Jam Packed Full of Features

We have an enormous amount of features that puts us ahead of our competition; we're sure you'll love them. Install Drupal, WordPress or Joomla with a single click installation, or use one of our many free web resources via the iControl panel; we have it all! .






Powerful iControl Web Panel


iControl Web Panel Features

Included Powerful Web Panel Interface
Included Control Your Hosting & Domain Anytime, Anywhere
Included Check your Web Space Storage
Included Check Your Bandwith Statistics
Included Add and Delete Web Mail Boxes
Included Add Additional FTP Accounts
Included Backup Your Website
Included Access Your MySQL Interface
Included Install CGI Scripts, such as Joomla & WordPress

Features Subject to Hosting Plan